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Davichi's new digital single “Do Men Cry” for The S (Part. 1)


Billboard Korea Top50 songs of the first half of 2012:

#2. Lovey-Dovey - T-ara
#12. We Were In Love - T ara & Davichi
#20. I’ll Think of You - Davichi
#43. Love Is All The Same - Yangpa, Davichi & HANNA
#47. Cry Cry - T-ara

CCM/GMC Summer Drama Schedule

Currently airing:
- MBC Stand By (Apr 9th~)
— Ha Seokjin (secondary character)
- jTBC Happy Ending (Apr 23rd~)
— Cha Juhyeok (supporting character)

- SBS Five Fingers (August 4th)
— T-ara’s Eunjung (lead character)
— Gangkiz’ Haein (secondary character)
- MBC One Thousandth Man (August 10th)
— T-ara’s Hyomin (secondary character)
- KBS Haeundae Lovers (August 13th)
— Davichi’s Minkyung (lead character)
— T-ara’s Soyeon (supporting character)
- Full House 2 (???)
— No Minwoo (lead character)
- Love Validation (Chinese drama) (???)
— No Minwoo (lead character)

Minkyung throwing the opening pitch at the Doosan Bears baseball game

Kang Minkyung confirmed for role on ‘Haeundae Lovers’

Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung will return to the small screen through KBS2′sHaeundae Lovers.’

A staff member at KBS told Star News on June 27th, “Kang Min Kyung is confirmed for a role on ‘Haeundae Lovers.’  She even attended our first script reading which took place on June 25th.”

The staff member continued, “Kang Min Kyung’s image and beauty fit well with the character that she will be playing.  People are looking forward to what she can do through her acting.”

On the show, Kang Min Kyung will play Hwang Joo Hee who is a secretary at a hotel and was the high school classmate of Go So Ra (played by Jo Yeo Jung).  Hwang Joo Hee knows that she is pretty, and in addition, she uses over half of her income to make herself even more beautiful and dolled up.

Hwang Joo Hee has a crush on the elite lawyer Choi Joon Hyuk (played by Jung Suk Won), who is now the vice president at the hotel she works at, and a small love line will be formed between the two.

‘Haeundae Lovers’ will be filmed on location in Busan and is a romantic comedy about the affairs of a gangsters daughter, Go So Ra, and a prosecutor from Seoul, Lee Tae Sung (played by Kim Kang Woo).  It will air its first episode on August 13th, after the conclusion of ‘Big.’


CCM artists who trained at Power Vocal
Minkyung and Haeri, Eunbyul, Haein, Areum, Hyeji, Shannon, Somin, Yeonji, Jihyuk and Sungje

Davichi will be performing at the ‘MNET Super Concert’ on July 8th!


Amo - Kim Soohee, Haeri (Davichi) and Yangpa at Open Concert

Davichi’s Minkyung for Singles magazine with a Flower Boy concept


Davichi’s OST song for “Big” leaked today. It will be released digitally on June 4th.