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Billboard Korea Top50 songs of the first half of 2012:

#2. Lovey-Dovey - T-ara
#12. We Were In Love - T ara & Davichi
#20. I’ll Think of You - Davichi
#43. Love Is All The Same - Yangpa, Davichi & HANNA
#47. Cry Cry - T-ara

Yangpa’s contract with CCM expired at the end of May

Yangpa’s exclusive contract with Core Contents Media expired at the end of last month. She’s looking for a new agency, but said “I’m honored to sing for the OST. The weekend drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ is really great.”


"Love… What to Do" was the last song she released under Core Contents Media. It’s currently #4 on instiz!! So sad.. but not surprised.. ㅠㅠ


Yangpa released “Love…What To Do” (사랑…어떡하나요) for A Gentleman’s Dignity OST (Part.4)


Amo - Kim Soohee, Haeri (Davichi) and Yangpa at Open Concert

CCM Artists on the “Sonata 2012: 33 Songs Selected by T-ara - High School Days” Album:

01. Round and Round - T-ara
02. Love Is All The Same - Yangpa & Davichi & HANNA
03. We Were In Love - Davichi & T-ara
04. Don’t Say Goodbye - Davichi
06. Do You Know - Yangpa
07. Reverse Fate - SG Wannabe & Kim Jongwook
10. Even After Ten Years - Song Seungheun
11. Shoes - SeeYa
14. What Should We Finish - T-ara [Soyeon]
17. Beside You - Jo Sungmo

02. Jjarajjara [FEAT. Davichi] - Joo Hyeonmi and Girls’ Generation [Seohyun]
04. As Time Goes by - Song Seungheun
06. Sorrow - Lee Sin
07. To Heaven - Jo Sungmo
08. Thorns - Jo Sungmo
09. Lived - SG Wannabe
12. If I Leave - Jo Sungmo
15. Flying In The Deep Night - Nam Gyuri
16. Because Even Though I Hate You, I Love You - Davichi


Yangpa performing her debut single 애송이의 사랑 (A Young Person’s Love) yesterday on Sketchbook!